Since 2003, professional expertise, renowned customer service and a passion for optimal product solutions have been our foundation. They make us what we are today: a full range supplier of additives for the global paper impregnation industry. Our customers belong to the leading enterprises in the laminate industry. 

Deurowood’s achievements are based on three critical success factors:

Our customers appreciate that we are close to them – wherever they are. Not as a salesman, but as a partner. This also includes understanding the local culture. Our employees master both the local languages and the technical requirements. This is summarized in Deurowood’s mission:

Deurowood, your personal solution provider

Ecology and sustainability play an important role in Deurowood’s company philosophy. Located next to the Rhine River and Lake Constance, we are committed to a very careful handling of natural resources. We manufacture without toxic materials or flammable substances. Our reputation for reliability and safety creates trust. 

Deurowood – Your personal solution provider for impregnation technology.