DeuroCure KS-XXL

DeuroCure KS-XXL is a truly unique hardener that combines ultimate latency with high reactivity. DeuroCure KS-XXL is the superior hardener of choice wherever extreme resin flow requirements, like deep structures or superior gloss, must be met without any loss of press efficiency. DeuroCure KS-XXL is highly recommended to ensure very long resin pot life and paper shelf life.


Due to the very pronounced latency, films impregnated with DeuroCure KS-XXL exhibit a very long shelf life. 

Even though cloud times are unusually long very short press times can be achieved with DeuroCure KS-XXL without compromising surface quality. A fast and uniform curing of the impregnated films is ensured. 

The use of DeuroCure KS-XXL provides an excellent flow of resin in the press mainly for press plates with deep textures.

With DeuroCure KS-XXL very long pot life of the impregnation vat formulation is guaranteed. Extended production stoppages of more than 24 hours have no effect on cloud time and viscosity of the activated resin.

  • DeuroCure KS-XXL