High-gloss finish for short cycle laminates.

With DeuroGloss, it is possible to achieve LPL gloss levels in the range of 108 to 115 (60° angle of incidence) without the need for back-cooling.

DeuroGloss is ideally suited for single- and two-stage impregnation – in plain, metallic or print decors. DeuroGloss ensures optimal film formation and does not affect the impregnation behaviour, storage stability or lamination. It is important to aim for a low residual moisture content.

DeuroGloss is used at the gravure roll station. It is important to pay attention to the special reactivity settings in the first and second impregnation bath. For dosages and applications please speak to personal technical sales manager.

  • DeuroGloss Technical Datasheet
  • DeuroGloss Overview