Functional additives

Modern surfaces need to meet a number of haptic and visual demands. These range from deep structures to gloss effects which requires good plasticization and the formation of a smooth surface.

To protect these beautiful decorative surfaces from wear and tear Deurowood has developed some very effective micro-scratch systems for improved scuff resistance.


DeuroMod HF

Premium modifier and plasticizer.

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DeuroMod PM

Basic modifier / plasticizer.

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DeuroMod KC

Novel modifier for MF resins.

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DeuroMod AC

Cost-efficient modifier for MF and UF resins.

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High-gloss finish for laminates.

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DeuroGuard K23

Proprietary micro-corundum dispersion for low pressure applications.

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DeuroGuard P-3

Proprietary micro-corundum dispersion for mirror gloss plates and HPL

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