Different production conditions for optimal decor paper impregnation require well adjusted hardener and catalyst systems. Deurowood has the right product for every application.

The reactivity and latency of each hardener is tuned to master all dryer profiles and press conditions for flawless decorative surfaces.  All of Deurowood’s hardeners and catalysts are chloride-free.

DeuroCure UH35

Standard hardener for UF resins and blends with up to 30% MF.

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DeuroCure KS-N

Cost-efficient UF-/MF-hardener.

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DeuroCure KS

Standard hardener for melamine resin and blends with up to 30 % urea resin content.

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DeuroCure KS-XLS

Special MF and MF/UF hardener with prolonged latency.

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DeuroCure KS-XXL

Highly latent MF hardener for special applications.

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