Efficient decor paper impregnation requires well-adjusted hardener systems. Deurowood offers the right product for every application.

Line speed and efficient press cycles must be balanced by sufficient flow in the press and suitable shelf life of impregnated papers. This is controlled by a well-adjusted onset of hardener reactivity – a careful balance of curing speed and latency. Deurowood’s portfolio of melamine and urea hardeners was developed to provide the right mix of curing strength and latency for a wide range of line and press conditions. All Deurowood hardeners are chloride free.


DeuroCure UH35

Standard hardener for UF resins and blends with up to 30% MF.

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DeuroCure KS-N

Cost-efficient UF-/MF-hardener.

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DeuroCure KS

Standard hardener for melamine resin and blends with up to 30 % urea resin content.

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DeuroCure KS-XLS

Special MF and MF/UF hardener with prolonged latency.

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DeuroCure KS-XXL

Highly latent MF hardener for special applications.

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