Improved gloss

Deurowood has developed gloss-enhancing additives, special plasticizers and latent hardeners to significantly improve the gloss appearance without experiencing the disadvantages of reduced flow and shelf life. DeuroGloss is a widely-used gloss enhancer that secures sufficient flow even at lower residual moisture content. It is applied with standard hardener (like DeuroCure KS) and without additional plasticizer.A novel approach to achieve yet higher gloss without the disadvantage of reduced flow is the combination of Deurowood’s super latent hardener, DeuroCure KS-XXL, with an innovative new gloss enhancer, DeuroGloss SG. Dosages and application of DeuroGloss, DeuroGloss SG and DeuroCure KS-XXL depend largely on the condition, the molar ratio of the resin, the degree of resin plasticization and other factors. It is therefore highly recommended to consult with our technical experts to find the right mix of additives, hardener, and process conditions. 


High-gloss finish for laminates.

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