Micro-Scratch Resistance

Transport, cleaning, and daily wear – these are major challenges faced by melamine surfaces. Glossy surfaces become matt, vibrant colours become dull. Micro-scratches, less than 5 μm deep, are responsible for this. Since these scratches only affect the upper melamine layer it is not possible to prevent them by standard wear-resistant overlays. Rather, such micro-scratch resistance on melamine surfaces is achieved by a protective and transparent top layer.

Deurowood has developed three distinct product solutions to protect melamine surfaces against micro scratches. They are very efficient in their application and do not damage impregnation and press equipment.

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DeuroGuard K23

Proprietary micro-corundum dispersion for low pressure applications.

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DeuroGuard P-3

Proprietary micro-corundum dispersion for mirror gloss plates and HPL

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