Special products

Aside from the standard portfolio of chemical additives and hardeners, Deurowood also offers a line of specialties to meet certain characteristic needs. From antibacterial surfaces to foam reduction, Deurowood is the chemical partner of the lamination industry.

Deurowood is at the cutting edge of the industry – aware of trends and developments. Do you face a particular challenge? Speak to our technical and chemical experts. We support you as your personal solution Provider.


Cleaning fluid for equipment and parts

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DeuroClean GP

Universal cleaning paste.

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DeuroChem VX

Thickener for increasing viscosity of resins and dispersions.

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DeuroPlane AF4060

Universal defoaming agent for impregnation resins

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DeuroSpers DX1 / DX 2

Efficient dispersion aid for corundum and pigments.

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DeuroTrans M

Transparency aid for ARP corundum application

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DeuroChem AntiBac

Anti-microbial agent for laminate surfaces.

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DeuroChem AS-02

Increases the conductivity of MF surfaces.

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