Special products

Even the best standard products can’t always meet all the requirements. Thanks to our great experience and technical expertise with chemical processes and procedures, we also create products tailored precisely to your particular needs. 

These include cleaning agents for paper impregnation equipment; transparency aids, viscosity adjuster and dispersion support, as well as release agents for panel board production such as chip boards, MDF or OSB.


DeuroChem AntiBac

Anti-microbial agent for laminate surfaces.

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DeuroChem AS-02

DeuroChem AS-02 increases the conductivity of MF surfaces.

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Alkaline-based industrial detergent.

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DeuroClean GP

Universal cleaning paste.

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DeuroPlane AF4060

Special defoamer for impregnation.

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DeuroTrans M

Transparency aid for ARP applications.

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DeuroLease PC

Release agent for cost-optimised board production.

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